The technological leader in tires, tracks and conveyor belts, Michelin works closely with manufacturers to bring innovations to every market. Both directly and through its dealership networks, it offers tires and solutions seamlessly aligned with end-user expectations and conditions of use and all delivering the same long-lasting performance.

Increase revenue from tire sales by 20% from 2015 to 2020 and reduce the amount of energy used by a tire in use by 20% by 2030 compared to 2010.

Diversified markets
solid leadership

The world’s leading premium

tire brand
for individual and corporate customers

The leading technology partner

for OEMs worldwide

The world leader

in long-lasting tires,
in connected tires,
in radial earthmover, agricultural and aircraft tires,
in off-the-road solutions


Innovate to strengthen our leadership in technology and sustainable mobility, deliver long-lasting performance and facilitate the electrification of road transportation.

Increase our presence in the promising, profitable specialty tire and off-road solutions businesses.

Have competitive production facilities in every region; digitalize our manufacturing base.

Optimize our manufacturing footprint to capture growth opportunities.

Broaden and secure our access to end-customers by forming strategic retailing and wholesaling partnerships and expanding our franchised chains.

Foster synergies between brick & mortar and online channels to offer high-quality services.

More than 200 opened in 2019 dealerships
Les réponses de michelin Progress made in 2019 🡫

MICHELIN Uptis: boldly sustainable

Developed with General Motors, the Uptis airless tire prototype eliminates any risk of flats and blowouts, while making pressure checks obsolete. It offers an ideal solution for car and van fleets, while representing a disruptive response to today’s major environmental challenges.


Michelin acquires Multistrada in Indonesia

The acquisition has given the Group extremely competitive production capacity of 180,000 tonnes and strengthened its presence in the highly promising Indonesian market.

MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV2:
high performance whatever the conditions

The new MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV2 tire for Formula E racers continued to deliver superior performance whatever the conditions. Unveiled in 2019, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 SUV and the MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires directly incorporate technologies developed for motorsport.


Cleaner urban transit with
the MICHELIN X-InCity Energy Z

The first tire in its size that can carry eight tonnes per axle, the new MICHELIN X-InCity Energy Z tire is fitted on higher capacity electric buses.

The PresSense smart tire for safer flights

Optimized inspections and preventive maintenance thanks to PresSense, the world’s first connected aircraft tire developed by Michelin and Safran Landing Systems.


Tires and tracks that meet a wide array of customer expectations.


Fenner and Camso:
delivering growth
and synergies in the mining
and off-road markets

With Fenner’s Engineered Conveyor Solutions division, one of the world’s largest suppliers of heavy conveyor belts and conveyor belt solutions, Michelin has enhanced its offering in the mining market.

With Camso, the technology leader in rubber tracks and solid tires for farm machinery, materials handling and construction equipment, the Group has created the world leader in the roughly $13-billion market for off- road mobility solutions.