Michelin markets maps, guides, digital services and exclusive solutions that make mobility easier and enable customers to enjoy unforgettable experiences while on the road, which in turn help to embed the MICHELIN brand in their daily lives.

To become the go-to independent selection of curated fine dining venues and travel services, while tripling revenue from these businesses from 2015 to 2020.

A promising

Gourmet dining opportunities
are an increasingly important factor
in both business and leisure travel.


A unique

At the top of two restaurant
and wine guides that set the standard
for the rest of the world.


Maintain top-of-mind awareness of the MICHELIN brand among consumers; nurture their affinity and interest.

Broaden the MICHELIN brand’s influence with digital technology and targeted acquisitions.

Expand the curating activities that make Michelin a trusted partner for customers in their travels.

Les réponses de michelin Progress made in 2019 🡫

Worldwide strategic partnership
with TripAdvisor - TheFork

By partnering with TripAdvisor, the world's leading participatory travel website with 460 million visitors every month, the MICHELIN Guide now offers unprecedented visibility for its independently curated hotels and restaurants.


Robert Parker Wine Advocate

By acquiring Robert Parker Wine Advocate, the world’s most widely read wine tasting and rating guide, Michelin can offer customers unique experiences around food and wine pairings.

A new selection of hotels curated
by Tablet & Michelin

With Tablet and its offering of 3,500 hotels, and the MICHELIN Guide, the Group provides customers with an all-new selection of hotels that stand out for their design, high-quality amenities and service, authenticity and ability to offer a memorable experience.


Food & Travel: traveling your way

This new collection of travel guides combines the top recommendations from the Green Guide, the choice restaurants from the MICHELIN Guide and the pleasure of a magazine. The first issues featured Corsica and New York City.

Guides, maps and digital services to make travel and everyday journeys
easier, safer, more enjoyable and more fulfilling.