Michelin has built up extraordinary expertise in the design and production of high-tech materials. Already a core factor in the performance of the Group’s tires, this expertise is being actively marketed to other industries and enhanced with targeted acquisitions.

Position Michelin in profitable, high potential growth markets and make our solutions increasingly sustainable.


High performance flexible composites
Recycled and biosourced materials
Metal 3D printing
Hydrogen-powered mobility


An unrivaled
capacity for

More than 50% of our research
partnerships are in the field of materials


Market our expertise to the aerospace, energy, industrial equipment and medical devices industries.

Expand our flexible composites portfolio (Fenner AEP).

Develop our range of sustainable materials.

Become a world leader in metal 3D printing (AddUp) and hydrogen-powered mobility systems (Symbio).

Les réponses de michelin Progress made in 2019 🡫

Fenner: seamless integration into the Group

Fenner, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of reinforced polymer seals, belts, flexible hoses and transfusion kits, offers Michelin access to the industrial and medical equipment markets.


Michelin and Faurecia join forces to create a leader
in hydrogen-powered mobility

By combining Michelin’s expertise in hydrogen fuel cell technology and Faurecia’s systems integration capabilities, the new Symbio joint venture will speed deployment of this zero-emission electric powertrain compatible with all types of vehicles.

BioButterfly: France’s first demonstrator unit
for the production of bio-butadiene

The BioButterfly project is designed to produce butadiene from biosourced ethanol, to replace the petrochemical-based product currently used in the manufacture of synthetic rubber. Production from the initial demonstrator unit in France will be available in 2021.


Metal 3D printing: AddUp expands its portfolio

AddUp is accelerating take-up of metal additive manufacturing, which makes it possible to produce high performance parts using a minimum amount of material and energy.

BioImpulse: biosourced adhesive resins

Coordinated by Michelin’s ResiCare unit, BioImpulse is a research project aimed at producing adhesive resins without any substances of very high concern (SVHC) for customers in the automotive and forest products industries, using an industrial process that is less expensive than its petrochemical equivalent.


High-performance flexible composites, recycled and biosourced materials, metal 3D printing and hydrogen fuel cell: marketing expertise to other industries.