Ethics, integrity and compliance :


Michelin has pledged to uphold the United Nations Global Compact and ensures that its employees act in accordance with the standards of integrity and ethical behavior that form the bedrock of its corporate culture.

These are assembled into a solid collection of codes, charters and manuals that are widely promoted across the Group. Ethics Committees have been set up in each region. Compliance with the rules of conduct is regularly audited and whistle blowing procedures are in place to enable employees to report possible violations.

Respecting people and the environment

Every aspect of the Group’s strategic vision is informed by the Sustainable Development and Mobility approach. Accordingly, Michelin guidelines are derived from the ISO 26000 (Social Responsibility) and ISO 20400 (Sustainable Procurement) standards and supplier performance is assessed by an independent company.

All of the plants have deployed an environment, health and safety (EHS) management system.

Lastly, as one of the world’s leading users of natural rubber, Michelin has since 2016 pursued a sustainable sourcing strategy built on the principles of zero deforestation, land conservation and respect for supplier communities.

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The global platform for sustainable natural rubber

Michelin and the WWF have been working to transform rubber farming and the natural rubber market by instilling more sustainable practices. Their partnership was instrumental in setting up the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber in 2019. Its goal is to lead improvements in procurement and production practices to preserve threatened forests and ecosystems.

Michelin, Continental and Smag have created a joint venture to develop Rubberway®, a smartphone app that enables tiremakers to identify at-risk practices and improve sustainability in their supply chain, from small planters to rubber processing plants.


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